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NordVPN Review



This pretty new and modest Panama based VPN supplier proves to be something of a mixed bag. Somewhat wonky performance, and pricing despite being a basically no frills service that’s at the higher end of the spectrum are balanced by a straightforward no logs policy and great encryption. The pricing isn’t that excessive, and the specialized problems never actually got in the way of NordVPN are anyhow something that shouldn’t be overly hard to put right, and being an excellent service.

Pricing & Characteristics

For your money you get access to VPN servers in 12 states - mostly in Europe (including Sweden, Netherlands and the United Kingdom), but also in Hong Kong and the US, using the OpenVPN VPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols. NordVPN additionally enables you to connect to your money’s servers using proxy settings, which is amazing if you only want to connect just one application (for example a BitTorrent client) or two to the service instead of routing all link through a VPN server.

NordVPN lets you connect as many as 2 devices concurrently, which while not too generous, is not worse than many VPN suppliers allow, and at least lets you connect your PC and telephone (for example) at exactly the same time.

Those desiring to use VPN for P2P filesharing will be content to understand that NordVPN supports BitTorrent.

NordVPN will sort out a static IP for people who need one, although IP addresses are generally dynamic.

NordVPN works out a bit more pricey than much of its contest, although it does offer a decent variety of characteristics. The deficiency of a free trial or money back policy is somewhat unsatisfactory nevertheless.
The web site and customer support

The site is attractively and cleanly laid out, with all pertinent advice being simple enough to discover. Besides fundamental guff about what VPN is around, Nord provides a fundamental FAQ, tutorials, advice regarding the business, and a knowledge base. The knowledge base is sparsely populated at the minute, but its inclusion is not nasty and it’ll hopefully be enlarged later on.

The best thing about the web site is a page showing the status of the servers of NordVPN. The advice isn’t really detailed (only whether a server is running and accepting links using the distinct VPN protocols), but this continues to be helpful, and is a characteristic we believe all VPN suppliers should offer.

Customer support is via e-mail or Live Chat, and the reply was fast, helpful and friendly when we asked some questions on Live Chat.

Secrecy and Security

NordVPN is based in Panama, which is among the few locations world-wide that’s no compulsory data retention laws, and NordVPN takes complete benefit of this by keeping ‘no logs at all’. In addition, it accepts payment via Bitcoin, which is excellent as it lets you spend money on the service (always a great indication in a VPN service).

With regard to security and secrecy then (our main standard when evaluating a VPN service), NordVPN is pretty much faultless.
The Procedure

Signing up was completely effortless, with just an username and email address. We paid using PayPal, but it is also possible to select Bitcoin option payment processor Payera or, as noted earlier.

The links to individual server setup files in the e-mail were broken, but this didn’t actually present a difficulty as it is simpler to simply download a zip file with all the server files directly from the web site anyhow.
NordVPN works, and uses the open source universal OpenVPN client, which is certainly good. What you pass up on is the amazing extra attributes that are located in many VPN suppliers’ custom software, including DNS leak protection, one-click port forwarding, or a net kill switch. NordVPN is a service that is new and pretty modest, so we comprehend why it’s taken this course, although in the future it’d be fine if it developed its own completely featured VPN client.


We’d have liked to examine the UK server of NordVPN to be able to give the closest comparison with our ‘nude’ link but, as demonstrated on the Server page of the site, the UK servers of NordVPN weren’t accepting OpenVPN connections at the time.

The results were far from consistent, ranging from awful to fairly great, as it is possible to see. It’s likely so worth analyzing distinct servers to locate which one works best for you.

Other Platforms

Android and iOS are simply given L2TP and PPTP support, but there’s no reason why the normal OpenVPN settings files will not work for iOS with OpenVPN for OpenVPN Connect and Android.



On the right foot with us, NordVPN pricing starts off with rock solid seclusion and security credentials. The largest issue lies with the fact, and the assorted operation results that we couldn’t connect to some servers. We’ll keep getting NordVPN through its rates to be able to see if these are issues that are constant, and report back to you here on our findings. Another problem is that the service expensive in comparison to a few other suppliers out there, especially as using common OpenVPN software means the service is a bare bones matter. The fact remains nevertheless that there are few VPN suppliers out there who take solitude rather as seriously as NordVPN, meaning it gets a strong thumbs up from us.